The Apple Tree Inn, Minsterworth

It had been a very long day at work, so instead making it more tiring by deciding to slave away over the oven and end up hunched over the sink with a Brillo in hand, the other half and I decided to head along to A48 to The Apple Tree Inn, Minsterworth.  I had arrived late home that night so both of us had empty, rumbling stomachs as we pulled up in the car park at the front of the building.  We were on the rampage for some serious comfort food.

The Apple Tree Inn, Minsterworth

The Apple Tree Inn, Minsterworth

Outside The Apple Tree it looks generally inviting.  The car park is usually rammed – especially on a Sunday when hungry punters turn up for their weekly roast.

Inside it is dark but welcoming.  Leather sofas are near to the entrance area in front of a traditional wooden bar but the space is ruined by brothel-like draped purple and red voiles around the the eating area just left of the bar.

We were led through to the restaurant right of the bar where we were seated at a wooden table.  This room is very spacious, a lot nicer with a cutesy and rustic interior.  Unfortunately the salad bar in the corner of the room looks out of place and ugly.

The reason I would point out these things about The Apple Tree Inn is that every time I come here, I have a good meal but feel as though they could do more to improve how it looks inside.  It’s like the owners don’t really know what image they want the place to have/ have great taste with furniture and the rustic theme but ruin it with finishing touches/ have simply not got the time to invest into giving this pub a final little aesthetic boost it needs.

Sharing platter starter

Sharing platter starter

We were starving so I was unlike my usual self and ordered a seemingly unsophisticated sharing platter with my other half to start. The monstrous calorific meal had breaded garlic mushrooms, deep fried breaded brie, a huge garlic bread with mozzarella and caramelised onions, bacon and cheese stuffed potato skins and home-made battered chicken goujons.  There was enough there for four people.

The deep fried brie was gorgeously gooey inside and was nice with the cranberry sauce (shop-bought).  Deep fried brie is so disgustingly unhealthy but at the same time delicious.  The chicken goujons were more like battered fillets and the chicken inside was of  good quality.

The breaded mushrooms were too greasy for me and not my cup of tea.  I couldn’t really tell if these were home-made or not.  The loaded skins were rather nice, very filling though, as was the giant piece of garlic bread. I was soon completely frazzled and slobbish, feeling a bit guilty by the amount of cheesy fried stuff I’d eaten, but nonetheless fed and comforted.

Halloumi and vegetable skewers

Halloumi and vegetable skewers

Our mains soon came out.  I had ordered grilled halloumi and vegetable skewers, and my other half lasagne and chips.

As the plate of skewers were plopped down onto the table in front of me I realised how full and cheesed out I felt.  I picked at the vegetables.  The skewers were really nice and would have made a nice light vegetarian dish.  The balsamic reduction was a nice accompaniment with the other flavours on the plate.

The lasagne was good and tasted how it should.  There was a lot of cheese on top of it which made it very hot.  A huge bowl of chips remained untouched in the middle of the table.

It was our own fault for ordering such a gluttonous first course that we didn’t enjoy our main courses.

Lasagne and garlic bread

Lasagne and garlic bread

The last nice surprise was the bill.  On weekdays after 6pm you get your first drink free which made our bill £35 for four drinks and three courses.

At The Apple Tree Inn you can expect a decent pub lunch or dinner – just don’t forget to book if it’s on a Sunday.


The Apple Tree Inn, Watery Lane, Minsterworth. GL2 8JQ.  Tel: 01452 750345



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